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A few weeks ago, the Ranters were asked by’s Money publication to supply a list of good and bad ways to spend money in the garden.

I’ll be honest; I usually hate this kind of crap. However, this time, the writer, Brad Tuttle, did a fantastic job. He took what could have been a boring how-to and made it into a sassy, challenging list of basic gardening beliefs—things that the Ranters feel very strongly about.

Check it out.

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Elizabeth Licata
on June 26, 2014 at 8:00 am, in the category Everybody’s a Critic, Who’s Ranting About Us.


  1. Angela, we Ranters are a diverse group with a variety of opinions, but I agree with you that Echinacea purpurea are best treated as short-lived (3 to 6 yrs) perennials, which can be allowed to self-sow in order to sustain their presence in a garden if desired. Have not grown the hybrids myself, but have seen them in other people’s gardens, and would not expect any more of individual plants than of the species from which they derive.

  2. Should have qualified that last preference: I prefer species over double-flowered cultivars for the pollinator habitat. I know the single-flowered cultivars may or may not have differences that affect their value to pollinators, and I do choose them sometimes if they are a lot prettier than the species.

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