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I am not a fan of plastic tomato supports, and this proves the point.  I was sent this to try out a few years ago, and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the company that makes it.  Anyway, I think I did give it a try the year it arrives, but given how tomatoes tend to fail in my climate, it didn’t get much of a workout.  So I got it out in hopes of using it to support this year’s tomatoes–and look what happened.  One firm shove into the soil (not into rock, just into firm soil) and it broke.

So much for that.  What are you people using for tomato supports?

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Amy Stewart
on July 6, 2011 at 7:55 pm, in the category Eat This, Taking Your Gardening Dollar.


  1. I use the cheapo wire cages from discount stores. I generally don’t get enough sun for my tomato plants to get out of control. The few times that they have, I just stuck a wooden stake in the ground and used velcro ties to affix the cage to it for better support.

  2. Galvanized fence panels are the best. Used to just run a fence of them and tie the tomatoes to them. Now that we’re in the city I brought one panel and hung it against the brick wall my containers are against, with the bottom row bent inward, so there’s enough space to tuck the plants in, and weave ’em through. Wooden trellises with a stake at the bottoe are nice too.

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