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My numero uno project these days is reviewing and collecting good gardening videos, as I might have mentioned here a few times (ahem). And to be on-trend (oh, always!), we’ve gone looking for some that demonstrate how to make holiday decorations out of (mainly) plants, and found these 14. If you’re not already holiday-handy, these might inspire you to give it a try, especially if you’re a show-me type, like I sure am.


“Make your own Christmas Wreath this Holiday” by Laura at Garden Answer.

“75 Winter Wreath Ideas” by hobby/DIY Youtuber Mary Tardito. (It’s not really a show-me video but the ideas are fun.)

“How to Make  Christmas Holiday Wreath” from GrowVeg in the U.K.

“How to Make a Christmas Wreath with Apples and Berries” by Better Homes and Gardens.


“How to Hang a Wreath,” also by Better Homes and Gardens.

“Christmas Mantel Decor in 3 Steps,” one more from Better Homes and Gardens.

“How to Make a Christmas Garland” is by a florist in the U.K.

“Making your own Christmas Garland” by Oklahoma State.

“Making your Own Swag with Evergreens” by Dave Epstein of Growing Wisdom.

“How to Make a Garland” by Laura at Garden Answer.


“How to Make a Long-Lasting Winter Arrangement” by Sunset Magazine.

“How to Make a Victorian Kissing Ball” by Shelley Levis of Sow and Dipity.

“Christmas Urns for my Front Door” and “How to Make a Winter Container” are two more by Laura at Garden Answer.

If you know of any others, please tell us in a comment and we’ll check it out – because there are surprisingly few good ones.

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